NEW! deHavilland GM70


40 Watt Single Ended Triode Monoblock Amplifier



"But more importantly than all the checkered audiophile shopping cart goodies, this system communicated the emotional message of the music in a very otherworldly fashion that was the aural equivalent of Starship Enterprise's beam-me-up area",    Srajan Ebean, 6 Moons ...more 

deHavilland GM70

We are very proud to introduce the new deHavilland GM70. We have surpassed our our design goals and now offer 40 watts of purist design  Class A  SET sound from one single output tube. The deHavilland GM70 maintains all the virtues and more of our highly acclaimed deHavilland Aries 845G. With nearly double the power output we achieve lower distortion at normal listening levels and greater headroom that can be imagined for a SET design. To quote Dick Olsher, Senior Editor, for,  "There's a new heavyweight contender in the high-power triode class. Neither a 211 nor an 845 can hold a candle to the Russian tank tube- the Ulyanov GM-70."  Never before has a single ended triode amplifier been offered to the music lover with such performance.

The deHavilland GM-70 is a 100% pure class A single-ended triode zero negative feedback amplifier. The GM-70  directly heated triode vacuum tube is the largest  output  triode available in audio today. The sound is sweet, detailed, and stunningly dynamic. The 6AU5 combined with the Ulyanov GM-70 and innovative circuitry throws a huge soundstage, and maintains the right combination of pace, rhythm, and timing.                  

The deHavilland GM-70 amplifier produces 40 watts, and is designed to drive medium, as well as high efficiency speakers. The dynamic presentation is characteristic of an amplifier many times greater than its rated output.

In designing our Gm-70 SE amplifier we found that the Russian socket was poorly made and led to endless  plate current  instability problems. Also the sockets were not user friendly in terms of installing or removing the tube. We have found a great improvement sonically with our own manufacture pure electrical grade Copper/ Teflon socket. The bass and dynamics is markedly better , the mids and highs are better focused , and overall the amplifier sounds like it has  more headroom. ...more.

There is no question of reliability
with only three tubes per chassis,  diagnosing any tube problems that might occur after time is relatively simple.  With the on board bias meter, checking and resetting bias for optimum performance  is a real snap. Quality, Value, and Performance, by deHavilland, "Hand made in California with a passion for sound since 1997"


Why SET amplification? go to Conversation with Chief Engineer deHavilland 


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Design Specifications 

power output                  40 watts rms into 8 ohms

output class                  Class A                            

bandwidth                     20-35kHz

power triode                  Ulyanov GM-70 

driver tube                     Type 6AU5

input tube                     Type 12SN7 GTA/GTB     

feedback                      zero negative feedback.

input impedance           50k ohms. (Values from 10k

                                   to 500k available on request).

residual hum                <2mv.                               

warm-up                       automatic time delay for long

                                   tube life, and gentle startup   

dimensions                  12"w, 18"l, 10"h

weight                          60 lbs.



Special Features 

* Point-to-point hardwired audio circuit

* Electra-Print Co. transformers

* Cardas RCA input jack

* Cardas Gold  Rhodium  binding posts 

*  Paper & Oil coupling capacitors

* Hovland Musicaps

* Wonder Wire/ Wonder Solder

* Kimber Cable

* Silver or black  anodized brushed aluminum front and rear panels

* Paint filled engraved logo

* Steel Gray High Gloss Metallic powder coated chassis




Pricing (as of July 10, 2009)

deHavilland GM70, per pair---------------------------$12,995.00




6SN7 Tube Rolling by Dennis Boyle



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