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deHavilland Aries 572

   product Information:


The Aries 572 is a 100% pure class A single-ended triode zero negative feedback amplifier. Unlike early SET designs, the output tube of the Aries 572 is a transmitting style tube capable of very high power handling. The tube compliment combined with innovative circuitry maintains the right combination of pace, rhythm, and timing. The Aries-845 amplifier produces 40 watts, and is designed to drive medium as well as high efficiency speakers. The dynamic presentation is convincingly that of an amplifier many times greater than it's rated power output.


Historically SE amplifiers have been limited in power, largely under 15 watts. Most listeners have had to employ horn loaded speakers. The Aries 572 amplifier  will perform beautifully with your favorite loudspeakers whether they be medium efficiency dynamic or high efficiency horn type loudspeakers.


And think about reliability, with only three tubes per chassis,  diagnosing any tube problems that might occur after time is relatively simple. Quality, Value, and Performance, by deHavilland , hand built in California  with a passion for sound.


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Reviews and Press Archive 

Dave Glackin 2000 CES report

Review by J. Peter Moncrieff, International Audio Review

Review by Bill Wells, The Audiophile Voice

By Bascom H .King, Audio Magazine

Review by Lang Phipps ,  Listener Magazine 


design specifications:


power output                40 Watts RMS into 8 ohms

output class                 Class A                            

bandwidth                    20-35kHz

power triode                 Svetlana SV-572-10 

driver tube                    KT88

input tube                     6SN7 GTA       

feedback                      zero negative feedback  to 8 dB, variable

input impedance:          50k ohms. (Values from 10k

                                   to 500k available on request).

residual hum                <2mv.                               

warm-up                       automatic time delay for long

                                   tube life, and gentle startup   

dimensions                  12"w, 18"l, 10"h

weight                          57 lbs.


  special features:


* point-to-point hardwired audio circuit

* Electra-Print Co. transformers

* Edison-Price Copper binding posts

* Cardas Gold Rhodium RCA input jack

* Cardas Gold/Rhodium binding posts (optional).

* Hovland Musicaps

* Wonder Wire/ Wonder Solder

* Kimber Cable

* Clear anodized aluminum front and rear plates

* Paint filled engraved logo and beltline in red or black

* Black powder coated chassis

* Elma stepped attenuators (optional).


"Hand made in California with a passion for sound since 1997"


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